Keeping your PC in tip-top condition is essential for it to run and function correctly but from the very first moment you switched on your PC, dust started building up inside your machine.

Household or Building Dust is everywhere, its normal but when it builds up on components such as cooling fans and your processor’s heatsink it can make them less-effective, very quickly.  

The net result is more heat resulting in your processor “throttling back” on what it can do and a slow PC experience.

Combined with ever fragmenting files and junk file build up, over time your PC can slow to a crawl.

It’s not all bad news though, our PC Spring Clean service gives your PC a through spring clean both physically and virtually speeding your PC back up and “Springing” it back to life.

Our service includes:

  • Thorough Component Clean and Dust removal across entire PC.
  • Junk File Removal
  • Virus & Security Check
  • OS File System Optimisation
  • OS Update Check
This Service Costs £55
Want to book a Spring Clean? Drop us a line and we will contact you to arrange.